1% for the Tetons Membership

The Concept is Simple

  • As a Member business, you donate one percent of your annual sales to 1% for the Tetons.

  • 1% for the Tetons aggregates your donation with those of other Members, and funds projects furthering the long-term sustainability of the Tetons region. In three years, we have given out 27 grants totaling $372,000. A complete listing of these grants is available on our Grantees & Projects page.

  • For your donation, you become a Member of both 1% for the Tetons and our sister organization, 1% for the Planet (1%P). You benefit from our marketing and branding efforts on our Members’ behalf, and you can use both organizations’ logos and other collateral in your marketing efforts.

  • For tax purposes, you can treat your donation as either a marketing expense or charitable donation (ask your accountant which approach is right for you).

Because every business is different, 1% for the Tetons does not have a specific policy about how Members pay for their donation – some take it straight out of net profit; others raise prices; still others add a one percent surcharge. All are equally fine. We ask only two things. One is that, if members do add a surcharge, it be both transparent and optional. The other is that, in all our members do, they comply with all applicable local, state, and federal rules and regulations.

See Who's Already a Member

View our member businesses and know who to support with your hard-earned dollars.

Membership Has its Benefits

When your business becomes a member of 1% for the Tetons, you receive many benefits, including the marketing efforts made on members' behalf by 1% for the Tetons and 1% for the Planet to the right to use the 1% logos in your marketing and promotional campaigns. Plus you'll know you are playing an active and important role in helping sustain the Tetons region for future generations.

Visit the Benefits page to learn more about Member benefits and see who's offering Member-to-Member, Member-to-Supporter and Member-to-public benefits.

Once you're ready to join
1% for the Tetons, please visit our How to Join page for more information.


Did you know...?
Members of 1% for the Tetons automatically become members of our sister organization, 1% for the Planet.

1 Percent for the Planet