1% Grantees & Projects

2013 Recipients

1% for the Tetons
Podcast series: "Life in the Tetons"
to a suite of outreach deliverables that promote protection of this precious resource.
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Craighead Beringia South
Great Gray Owls
several conservation NGO’s in protecting the Teton Canyon from proposed dams. The compelling images that result will lend themselves
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Friends of the Teton River
Teton Canyon Outreach Campaign
This project will generate public awareness and participation in a grassroots photo and social media campaign that will assist the efforts of
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JH Nordic
JH Nordic.com
JHNordic.com is an online nordic cross-country ski trails resource that offers GPS maps, trail descriptions, grooming reports, local resources,and user reviews for the 75+ extensive, world-class winter trails set within the Jackson Hole-greater Teton region. A $3,000 grant from 1%T will enable JHNordic to fund and complete its website.
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Riverwind Foundation
Sustainable Destination Outreach & Education
The Jackson Hole & Yellowstone Sustainable Destination Outreach & Education Project is a primary activity of the Jackson Hole & Yellowstone Sustainable Destination Program. The Program's Outreach & Education Project provides information and training to community sustainability stakeholders, residents, visitors, and media on sustainability activities, resources and partnerships.
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Teton County Integrated Solid Waste & Recycling
RRR Business Leaders 2.0
Teton County Integrated Solid Waste & Recycling plans to revitalize and radically improve the RRR Business Leaders program, dormant since 2010. New marketing and education features will draw and reward participants. The goal: to establish concrete standards for ecofriendly operations, in tandem with incentives for local organizations to adopt them.
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Teton Freedom Riders
Chicken Foot Project
Replacement & rehabilitation of a cluster of unsustainable user-created spur trails on the parallel trail to address nascent user safety and natural resource degradation issues.
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Teton Regional Land Trust
Trumpeter Swans in Teton Valley
The goals of the project include: 1) establishing a nesting flock of trumpeter swans in Teton Valley; 2) installing bird diverters to prevent
trumpeter swan mortality; 3) providing educational opportunities about this iconic species.
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Teton Valley Community Recycling
Teton Valley Waste Diversion Plan
Teton Valley Community Recycling will develop a waste diversion plan that Teton County, Idaho will use to increase waste diversion from 15% to more than 35% by 2024. The plan will provide data on best practices in waste reduction, including economic incentives, materials recovery, policy changes, and composting.
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