Frequently Asked Questions

About the 1% for the Tetons Grants Process

Q: What kind of projects does 1% for the Tetons fund?

1% for the Tetons awards high-leverage grants to forward-looking projects sustaining the Tetons area's natural resources and related qualities. To give prospective applicants a sense of how these ideals translate into successful grant applications, copies of every grant application 1% for the Tetons has ever funded are available for download in the Grantees & Projects area of this site.

Q: Who can apply for 1% for the Tetons grants?

Because many of the challenges and opportunities facing the Tetons region cut across political and economic boundaries, 1% for the Tetons encourages organizations from all sectors – public, private, and non-profit – to collaborate in developing projects and applying for grants. However, to comply with tax regulations, every applicant team must include at least one 501(c)3 organization or governmental agency.

Q: How much can I apply for?

Through seven years of grant giving, 1% for the Tetons has awarded 63 grants, ranging in size from $1,000 - $40,000. Combined, these grants have totaled $680,000. While 1% for the Tetons sets no limits on the amount it awards to any one project, the size of its average annual grant pool means that 1% for the Tetons is hard-pressed to make grants larger than $20,000-$30,000. Also, keep in mind that One Percent for the Tetons does not partially fund projects.

Q: How does the Grants Awards Process work?

The 1% for the Tetons board does an initial review of the grants that are submitted and passes through those that best fit our criteria: -How well the proposed project meets 1%T's Statement of Ideal. -Whether the applicant has the institutional capacity to accomplish the proposed project; and -The importance of the 1%T grant to the success of the proposed project. From that pool of grants, members who choose to do so use their contributions to fund their favorite grant or grants. Some members, however, prefer to leave that responsibility of funding grants to the 1% board.

Q: Can I urge 1% for the Tetons members to make contributions to my project?

Please don't. One Percent for the Tetons will not look favorably upon an organization actively "lobbying" 1% for the Tetons members in a blatant or systematic fashion. One Percent for the Tetons retains the right to refuse to fund a project if, at its sole discretion, a grant applicant violates the spirit of the "no active lobbying" rule.

Q: If my project is funded, when will I receive the funds?

The formal announcement of funded projects will be made at a gathering in early August. Funds will be available within a week of the announcement, and must be claimed within one year.

Q: If my project is funded, what reporting requirements will I have?

Successful grant applicants must submit a report on their project within 90 days of the completion of the project, or by September 30, 2015, whichever comes first. In addition, if there's something newsworthy to share about your project as it's happening we would love to share that with our network. Applicants who do not meet this requirement will not be considered for future 1% for the Tetons grants for two years after their report is finally submitted.

For more information, contact Jonathan Schechter at or (503) 880-9807.