1% Grants

The extraordinary natural resources of the greater Tetons ecosystem are the foundation of the region's human communities: their sense of identity, their character and culture and, most critically, their economic health. To sustain these essential qualities for future generations, the residents of the greater Teton ecosystem must:

  • Sustain its natural resources.

  • Understand and strengthen the link between those resources and the region's long-term well-being.

  • Fund and promote activities addressing these qualities.

General Information

Since 2007, 1% for the Tetons has been exceptionally successful, donating $372,000 to 27 different projects working to sustain the Tetons region’s essential qualities. Member businesses of 1% for the Tetons donate one percent of their gross annual revenues to the organization, which in turn grants these monies to projects focusing on the region's sustainability.

In the past, a volunteer Grants Committee, comprised of 1% Members and community leaders, reviewed all applications and made funding decisions. In this highly competitive process, decisions were based upon how well the application meets the granting criteria. But in 2010, this process changes to allow for a more democratic process with the potential to allow for more project funding from a wider base of support.

Beginning in 2010, the grants process will feature four significant changes:

  • The grant application process will now consist of two rounds. Round 1 asks applicants to provide a two page general description of the proposed project. Applicants invited to participate in Round 2 (i.e. the “Finalists”) will be asked to provide a more detailed written description of their projects.

  • Finalists will also be required to make a 5 minute oral presentation of their proposal at the Charture Institute’s first annual Sustainability Grants Conference, to be held Saturday, May 8, 2010.

  • 1% for the Tetons member businesses will be able to direct up to 100% of their annual 1% for the Tetons donations to Finalists of their choice.

  • Individuals and businesses which do not belong to 1% for the Tetons will be able to help fund Finalists’ projects through donations made via links on the 1% for the Tetons website.

Read "1% for the Tetons Opens 2010 Grants Process" for more information.

The Grants

1% for the Tetons funds will be available to grant recipients in July 2010, and must be claimed by June 30, 2011. To claim funds, recipients must request them in writing from 1% for the Tetons. At its discretion, before releasing funds, 1% for the Tetons may require information about the program's progress.

1% for the Tetons operates on a 12-month granting cycle. Whether or not a funded project has been completed, a report on each program's progress is required within 12 months of the grant award. (Prior recipients must submit a progress report before 1% for the Tetons will consider any subsequent application.)

Granting Criteria

  • While 1% for the Tetons encourages applications submitted by multiple organizations from different disciplines, jurisdictions, &/or economic sectors, each applicant team must include at least one 501(c)3 organization OR governmental organization (local, state, or federal).

  • Grant awards cannot be used for economic development, tourism promotion, or the like.

  • In general, grants will be made for the full amount requested in the application.

  • In general, the "greater Tetons ecosystem" encompasses Teton County, Wyoming and those areas connected to it through natural systems.

Application Process

For more information on the application process and/or to apply for a 1% for the Tetons grant, please visit our Apply page.

Successful Grants

See all of our successfully granted projects since 2007 at our Grantees & Projects page.

Grantee Information

If you are the recipient of a 1% for the Tetons grant, you may be interested in some of the resources available on our Grantee Information page.